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I’m a beauty copywriter and social media manager that loves all things beauty, skincare, health & wellness…

Feeling clueless about your content and looking for a freelance beauty copywriter or wellness social media manager to fill in the blanks? Whether you need someone who can do it all or help on a specific project, I’ve got you covered!

Why me? I’ve backed up my English Literature & Language degree and 8+ years’ experience in content marketing with a diploma in Biomedicine & Naturopathic Nutrition. In other words, I’ve got the knowledge to create meaningful content for your beauty, skincare, health or wellness brand. And the passion and industry expertise to make it impactful.

Why hire a freelance beauty copywriter or skincare social media expert?

Your website and social media channels are key touch points for your brand that you need to nourish. Maybe you don’t have the time or resources to get things done, or are struggling to find the right person for the job…

That’s where I come in, a freelance beauty copywriter and skincare social media manager that knows your industry inside out.

Beauty Copywriter | Skincare & Wellness Copywriter | Fiona Hope Content
Beauty Copywriter | Skincare & Wellness Copywriter | Fiona Hope Content

Elevate your beauty, health or wellness brand with me…

The wellness industry is currently worth a whopping $4.4 trillion. And the beauty and personal care industry is sitting at $534 billion. Business is booming, but with that comes competition. As an experienced beauty copywriter and social media manager, I’ll make sure you come out on top with engaging copy, SEO-friendly blog posts, strategic social media management and innovative content.



Struggling to sum up what makes your brand or product unique? Or maybe you’ve got the words but not the time?

A freelance beauty copywriter that specialises in your niche is the perfect solution. Whether you need tips on your existing copy or someone to write it from scratch, I can help you out. 

The beauty copywriting services I offer include website copy, product descriptions, press releases, email newsletters, social media captions, proofreading, editing and more!

Social media & content creation

Want to drive engagement on social media but can’t keep up with its fast pace, confusing algorithm and ever-changing trends? Do you need beautiful, dynamic content but don’t have the time to spend all day creating scroll-stopping posts, TikToks and reels? 

I can develop a social media strategy for your beauty, skincare or wellness brand that’ll draw new customers in. And keep your current followers engaged and converting. This might include creating a content calendar, influencer marketing, brand collaborations, giveaways, community management and a refresh of your content and social media tone of voice. 

Content writing

Your blog is a great platform to express your brand mission and gain new customers by answering FAQs in your niche. But it’s a side of marketing that often gets neglected. 

An un-updated blog definitely doesn’t send the right message and it means you’re missing lots of opportunities to rank in Google. Whether you need one-off blog posts or a regular beauty copywriter, let’s get started.

I’ll do everything from title selection and keyword research down to writing and editing so you don’t have to worry.

Freelance beauty copywriter and social media manager prices vary from project to project. Please contact me to discuss what you need and we can go from there!


Feel free to contact me with the information below, or send a message using the form.