7 Reasons Why Rose Water is the Ultimate Handbag Essential

Rose water is obviously a staple skincare product. And I know I’m late to jump on the trend. But, although it’s refreshing, smells great & makes me feel like a medieval princess, I started to wonder, what is it actually for? Why has it been used since the Middle Ages, other than the (hard-to-ignore) fact it makes you smell like…well…a rose?

The skincare practice of rose water originated in Iran. Just imagine, medieval Iranian royalty spritzing themselves with rose water as they sit on their golden thrones. Sounds pretty good, right? Wouldn’t mind if I do.

When I first jumped on the rose water bandwagon, I was only spraying it on my face. But, I was ignorant to its multi-tasking magic. Now, it’s my number-one handbag essential!

Turns out, it has many medicinal uses. Let me count the ways…

1. A natural perfume

As if it weren’t totally obvious, rose water has been used for centuries as perfume! Just as you would with a normal perfume – which usually has alcohol denatured at the top of the ingredients list – spray it on your wrists and neck.

You really won’t miss artificial perfume once you use rose water. Nothing can achieve the scent of pure rose petals like the real thing. It’s better for your skin, as alcohol is very drying, and you won’t be breathing in any toxic chemicals.

2. Sore throat spray

Ditch your pharmacy-bought ’throat sprays’, because rose water does the same thing but it’s completely natural. It’s totally safe to consume, and its strong anti-inflammatory properties are the perfect antidote to that nasty sore throat feeling. (I don’t want my breath to smell like roses, said no one ever.)

3. Skin soother

The same anti-inflammatory powers work on your skin. Whether you’ve got acne, eczema, rosacea or any other sore skin complaint, this’ll give you some cooling respite. Studies have also shown that the antioxidants in rose water can repair cell damage.

Rose water is also thought to calm redness & flushing. I suffer from rosacea myself, and since the weather’s gotten warmer, I’ve been so thankful for rose water when I need to cool down.

4. Natural first aid kit

I wasn’t kidding when I called it the perfect antidote. Rose water is a great multi-tasker. It has antiseptic and antibacterial abilities, which can help with acne, skin infections and wounds. You can even use it to treat conjunctivitis. It’ll clean them up and decrease the risk of infection. If you, or your kids, get hurt on-the-go, you’ll be happy you didn’t leave it at home.

5. Headache reliever

Most of us carry painkillers in our purses. That’s just the ‘pop-a-pill’ world we live in. And I’m not saying you need to throw the pills away, but you might want to after this. The scent of rose water is known to alleviate headaches, something to do with its effect on the brain. You can either spritz your face with it and let it sink in, or soak a face towel in warm water & rose water and lie it over your head. Even if doesn’t clear your headache, at least you tried something else first.

6. Natural uplifter

When I smell flowers as I walk down the street I feel elated, even if it’s just for a second. But if you’ve got a bottled floral potion in your bag, you can put that feeling on repeat. I’ve gotta warn you though, you might get addicted…

7. Facial refresher & make-up setter

You know when you get that icky feeling around midday and you just wanna splash your face with water? Or better yet, wash it? But, you’ve probably got a full face of makeup on so it’s next to impossible to do that without having to reapply in the office toilets. And it’s not like you’re carrying your face wash to work everyday. No thanks.

With a quick spritz of rose water, you’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed, and it won’t ruin your makeup either. It’s actually used as a make-up setter too, so feel free to spray it over make-up after you apply and during the day.

My product picks

Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored to mention any of these products, I just like them!

Can be used internally & externally:

These are ideal if you want to take advantage of rose water’s many purposes.

I’ve been using Balm Balm’s Rose Floral Water. It only has one ingredient – Organic Rosa damascena (Rose) flower distillate – and it smells amazing, as to be expected. It’s super affordable too.

Alteya Organics’ Bulgarian Rose Water is also 100% rose water, created from Bulgarian roses and distilled with ancient techniques. It’s a real find for a great price.

Only for your face:

These are perfect for those of you that want a targeted facial product with added moisturising properties.

Fresh’s Rose Floral Toner is essentially rose water with a few moisturising ingredients, like Glycerin. It’s reasonably priced and proven to moisturise the skin for 24 hours, which is absolutely welcome. 

Herbivore’s Rose Hibiscus Face Mist is a tempting combo of hibiscus extract, rose water and coconut water. It also contains aloe vera, so the moisturising benefits are mega.

Chantecaille bottles its Pure Rose Water in France (from the Rose de Mai, to be precise), and it also contains Glycerin for added moisturising properties. It’s free from everything apart from parabens. Chantecaille has a full rose product line, so you’ll have no shortage of rosey options to choose from.

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