9 Reasons Why Pai Skincare is the Best for Rosacea

A review of Pai Skincare’s Instant Calm range for Rosacea: the Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser and Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream.

My Rosacea Journey

I developed rosacea during university. I’d gone through a really difficult time mentally and I think it was a reaction to that. I have the flushing type of rosacea (known as Type 1 Rosacea), so I flush when I drink and if I’m too hot or anxious. And it can get really bad, to the point it’s so painful and distracting I can’t focus on anything else. Thankfully, it’s better than when it began. But it was hellish at the beginning.

The worst part was that doctors didn’t know what to do and would frequently prescribe me antibiotics or creams for acne, not redness. I didn’t have acne though, and there didn’t seem to be any differentiation in treatment. The only proven medical treatment for rosacea is laser surgery, which is a bit invasive, to say the least. There’s no guarantee it’ll work, and even if it does, it’s not a cure.

Aside from the scarcity of treatments, I was hoping for some sound advice from, you know, doctors. But they didn’t recommend any products for rosacea or offer any rosacea skincare tips. They just looked at me all confused and sent me packing with steroid cream for god knows what? Steroid cream worsens rosacea, but they didn’t appear to know that. They left me in the dark, and my only resource was the internet. 

Natural Skincare

Eventually, I figured out that natural skincare products were my best bet. I discovered jojoba oil, which is super gentle and easily removes makeup (a major plus). It does have its downfalls. It’s a bit too oily as a standalone moisturiser or cleanser. But, I didn’t want to try anything off the high street as standard products have too many ingredients, and I didn’t know what would be triggering. It seemed like everything was! 

Flashback to two weeks ago when I decided to branch out of my boring skincare routine and explore what the internet had to offer. Thanks to coronavirus, my online shopping habits have hit the roof.

Pai Skincare Review

My research landed me on Pai Skincare, the first skincare brand I have ever seen that directs you to products based on your skin problem. And the wide variety of skin issues they deal with is incredible. Rosacea included! Standard skincare brands typically only sell products for skin issues like acne and dry skin. I thought it was because rosacea wasn’t common enough, but it turns out it affects approximately 45 million people worldwide. 

It’s also a shock because the products are pretty, not medical-looking. They make you feel like you’re still a normal girl that can enjoy their skincare routine. Yes, it sounds superficial, but it matters. It’s not fun to feel like you don’t fit into the general population, that you can’t enjoy silly things like washing your face how you used to. Anyways, I promptly ordered from their Instant Calm range for rosacea and redness.

Here’s why I think you should start using Pai Skincare for rosacea:

1. The first reason is that Pai Skincare is inclusive. They make skin care products for rosacea sufferers that are high-quality and nicely designed. But that wouldn’t matter if they didn’t actually help your rosacea.

2. That takes me to reason two. They work! Honestly, I figured the products would be aptly moisturising and nice smelling, but I didn’t think they would actually calm my skin.

Well, my skin was playing up the other day so I applied the cream. The redness went down almost immediately. I haven’t found anything that has had that effect before, aside from splashing my face with cold water repeatedly. So, I urge anyone with Type 1 rosacea to try it. It’s like giving your face a comforting mug of chamomile tea and tucking it into bed. Plus, after using it for two weeks, my skin is much, much softer and more hydrated; I didn’t realise how dry my skin was until now.

Aside from the fact those two reasons are enough of a reason to start using Pai Skincare for rosacea, there’re still many other benefits.

3. The texture! Natural, oil-based products are usually oily. But, Pai Skincare makes the creamiest, silkiest products I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting on my face. I’m really gushing now, but after searching the ends of the earth for the right products for my rosacea, I’m a little excited… 

4. Pai Skincare provides information about dealing with rosacea and what triggers to avoid. I even learnt something new from visiting their website, and I thought I knew everything about rosacea. I had no idea chamomile was a natural antidote to flushing. Why didn’t anyone tell me before??? 

The truth is, not enough research has ever gone into rosacea. And, of course, conventional doctors and derms were never going to suggest a natural approach. The extent a private Harley Street dermatologist did was tell me to avoid spicy food and alcohol, and give me a cream that makes rosacea worse. Not very reassuring. I felt seriously neglected, considering I’d just wasted £250 on someone who couldn’t care less.

5. The products work on multiple aspects of the skin. The rosehip oil in the cream strengthens the skin, which can become vulnerable from constant irritation. It also contains nourishing omegas that help repair the skin’s barrier. Pai Skincare’s products don’t contain any triggers for rosacea or sensitive skin.

All the time, I see products recommended for sensitive skin that have fragrance or alcohol in them. But, Pai Skincare is actually considerate of rosacea sufferers and has thoroughly determined the right ingredients to help them. Praise be. 

6. Their products are 100% natural. Natural ingredients (the right ones) are the most gentle on your skin. On top of that, they’re rich with nutrients and nourishing for skin that needs some love. The cream includes my favourites, jojoba oil and shea butter, minus their overly oily dispositions.

The cleanser has a rare Japanese oil called Camellia in it that cleanses and hydrates your skin. The rose otto oil replenishes the skin with unrefined, plant-based goodness; or you could say, the delicate touch of rose petals. 

7. They’re dermatologically-tested on people with sensitive skin. So, you can be pretty sure that your skin won’t react badly. I do have to point out that it says ‘Dermatologically tested on sensitive and eczema-prone skin’. It doesn’t mention rosacea, which is a little weird considering the products are for rosacea. But, using my self as an example, they passed the test.

8. Skincare can be fun again. As I mentioned before, beauty and skincare products became something I feared. Pai Skincare has removed that worry for me. And the products actually smell good. Heavenly, in fact. Not like the aqueous cream and petrolatum I’m used to. Using them makes me feel like I’m at the spa. Every. Single. Day.

9. They offer free consultations. So, if you want more information and advice about your skin type you can talk to a natural skincare expert. Someone that actually cares about your skin, most likely more than your doctor does.

So there you have it. My skincare routine has transformed. No, my rosacea didn’t go away. It’s not magic. Rosacea is a chronic condition. But my skin feels smoother and healthier, and I now have a product that’ll actually calm my skin down when it’s flaring up. That’s more than I could’ve hoped for. The only downside is their products are on the pricey side, but I can see why. And it’s worth it in my opinion. Especially since I’ve spent ten times more on products I can’t use. I’m looking into trying their anti-redness serum as we speak…

Pai Skincare did not sponsor this article.

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