What is Waterless Skincare & is it Cruelty-Free?

What is waterless skincare?

Waterless skincare is as simple as it sounds. It’s skincare without water. Water can (believe it or not) be harsh on your skin, which is a key reason why brands are removing it from their products. But that’s not the only crucial factor. Waterless skincare is better for the environment, as it saves our precious water. Water scarcity might not yet be an issue in the Western world. Still, a study by United Nations estimates that by 2025, 1.8 billion people will live in places affected by water scarcity. Around 1.2 billion people already do. The water-free beauty movement is gradually gaining attention and for a great cause. 

Is waterless skincare cruelty-free?

It’s highly likely that waterless skincare products are also cruelty-free. That’s because water-based skincare products require synthetic preservatives that almost always need testing, while waterless skincare products don’t. Artificial preservatives, like parabens, also have a long track record of irritating sensitive skin, so it seems like waterless skincare is the way to go for many different reasons. Although you should never assume and many brands chuck the term ‘clean beauty’ around like it means nothing if a brand cares about the environment, it’s more than likely they care about animal cruelty. 

What brands sell waterless skincare?

A vegan beauty brand that’s pioneering in the waterless skincare niche is NOOMI Stockholm. Their waterless skincare products centre around organic Nordic birch sap, a pure ingredient derived from Nordic nature. It’s been long-used by Nordic society to promote health and wellness, and it’s finally entering the mainstream beauty world. One of its many powerful, rejuvenating benefits for your skin is its ability to retain moisture. It’s perfect for dry skin that won’t budge no matter how much moisturiser you lather on it. Enter birch sap. Nordic birch sap also helps with skin cell renewal, meaning it encourages your skin to heal. If you have scarring or irritated skin, birch sap should speed up your skin’s healing process.

NOOMI Stockholm’s BirchTech Hybrid Night Serum

NOOMI Stockholm’s flagship product, the BirchTech Hybrid Night Serum is 55% organic Nordic birch sap. The other ingredients enhance the birch sap’s magic and provide their own beautifying benefits.

A key derm-recommended ingredient for improving the appearance of or preventing wrinkles and fine lines is retinol. NOOMI Stockholm’s BirchTech Hybrid features a healthy dose of 0.5% retinol to accelerate your skin’s renewal. With the help of hydrating Nordic birch sap, there’s no need to worry about retinol’s potentially drying effects. That’s all washed away with the mega moisturising quality of natural birch sap.

Another vital ingredient in NOOMI Stockholm’s sustainable skincare elixir is Hyaluronic Acid. Your skin, cartilage and bones naturally produce Hyaluronic Acid, but it decreases as you age. That’s why adding it into your skincare routine is a no-brainer. It’s what’s used for lip and face fillers as it plumps up the skin when injected. But there’s no need for that with NOOMI’s BirchTech Hybrid. The addition of Hyaluronic Acid will help you achieve a natural glow and firmer, more plump skin without fillers. Or, if you already have them, it’ll help maintain the effect.

Find out more about NOOMI Stockholm’s BirchTech Hybrid Night Serum here. Waterless skincare is the new clean beauty trend, and NOOMI Stockholm has covered all the bases.

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